Friday, July 17, 2015

this blog is on the move ...

I've decided not to update this blog anymore - everything has moved to my main website, - please follow me there!

Thanks everyone!!  :)

Monday, June 8, 2015

purple cotton and a new series

Here's the purple cotton scarf I just finished!

I've kept one for myself, and there's one HERE :)

Oh, and I have a new Instagram account HERE - just for my business stuff.  I was finding that I have been mixing my personal and business way too much, so my personal account is now private.

And I've decided to start a new series of tapestries and needlepoints ... I've always been fascinated by buildings that have been abandoned, so I thought I'd do a series called 'In Ruins' (the title inspired by the Black Ice song from their Myopia album).  Here's one that we snapped on the way to McLaren Vale today:

I have no idea what the visual style will be ... but I will make it as sinister as possible ;)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

introducing mr barnaby bear

Yes, on a whim a couple of weeks ago, we decided to take in yet ANOTHER rescue kitty.  This one was an emergency re-house, as he was being looked after by a foster family after an injury ... we couldn't resist - could you??

He's a BIG kitty ... photos didn't prepare us for how big!!  The photo above was posted by Help Save The Furry Ones ;)

We had to rename him, as they had called him Frankie ... well, there's only one Frankie in our household, haaha!  So he is now Mr Barnaby Bear - or Mr BB for short ;)

As you can see, all kitties love my loom ... even Mr BB ;)

There was much hissing and carrying-on, but I think they are all getting used to one another.  As I'm typing this, he is laying on the floor (in the same position as the photo above), and Frankie is quite close by.  She is the friendliest cat, so I'm sure they will be friends first.

Speaking of Frankie (who is half Mr BB's size!), here is my tapestry of Frankie that I finally finished:

Thursday, April 30, 2015

new stuff

I started my new (permanent) job this week - it's been great!  2 weeks of training before we are let loose, which is pretty awesome.  So I'm trying to get back into a proper routine, which has been more difficult than I expected ...

Of course, I'm still weaving!  Here's a cotton scarf I just finished:

And this is the new warp I am in the process of putting on the floor loom:

And I'm in the process of having some of my scarves available at a trendy cafe in Adelaide - just working out the details, I will let you know when it's been sorted ;)  This year I really have to get my work out there!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

tourists in our own town

I've always loved this concept ... why do we always want to go to exotic locations when we have so much beauty on our own doorstep?  We are fortunate enough to live only 30 minutes away from the gorgeous wine region of McLaren Vale, so we decided to visit on this rare child-free Sunday ;)

Now you know I'm rubbish at outfit posts ... but here I am (in front of Anita's beans):

This is one of my favourite comfy outfits ... hand-me-down dress from a friend (it's stretchy!!) and my Luluemon yoga pants (which have ended up being going-out pants rather than yoga pants, haaha!).

We went first to Willunga to have wood-oven pizza from Pizza Kneads - here's Anita enjoying a glass of Hither & Yon's Grenache Mataro ... YUM!!

We then visited the ultra-trendy Alpha Box & Dice at McLaren Vale, as I wanted to buy this specific bottle of wine ...

I'm sure LaSirene will be pleased!  And I couldn't resist buying a couple of wine glasses from there:

Haaha!  The ones at cellar door have 'Half Full / Half Empty' on the side ;)

We also stopped off at Pirramimma Wines for a dozen Merlot for the 'wine cellar'.

OK, better do some weaving before the sun goes down!!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

working + weaving

Yes, I have finally secured a more permanent job - starting 27 April (due to security clearances), I'll be starting at ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission) - yes, that's federal government.  Never would have imagined I'd end up there, but hey!  It's all an experience ;)  I've had quite a bit of experience with ASIC regulations at my last job, so I assume that's why I was successful ;)  I will be working in the temporary job for at least the next week, but hopefully they need me for the 2 weeks in between, depending on how busy they still are!

I have also been doing lots of weaving - of course!  Here's the current warp on my table loom:

And on Betty there is a cotton warp - first pics are of the warp on the warping board (second one taken by Anita):

And here it is in progress on the loom:

One will be for me, one for Anita's mum Brigitte, and the third will go in the shop ;)

Here's Frankie sitting on a piece of paper that just came off the warp:

I've also been clearing and sorting - I bought a lovely large Ikea unit for the books and LPs, and the existing unit went into Anita's study:

Next on my agenda is finishing this small tapestry of Frankie - here she is sitting in front of it, and not looking particularly impressed!

OK, back to it!!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

where have i been???

HELLO!!!  Yes, I'm still alive ... and am currently working!  I'm 1 week into a temporary assignment with a government agency (my first time ever working for government) in their accounts payable section.  It's a 4 week assignment at this stage, but I'm still waiting to hear on a couple of full time permanent jobs that I have a very good chance of getting.  Who knows where I will end up??  The great thing is that where I am now have told me that they'd like me to stay longer, so if the other jobs don't work out, I can still continue there ;)

So in the last couple of months I have been doing the following:


(weaving demonstration at E For Ethel cafe)



These things have kept me positive, hopeful, and ultimately happy with my life ... sure I had my 'down' moments, but this is what kept me 80% 'up' during what was essentially a difficult period of unemployment.

Being happy is a choice!

I'll keep you posted on my adventures :)  xx