Thursday, August 6, 2009

Are You Upstream Or Downstream?

If there’s stuff you want in life, then there’s a book you really need to get: ‘Ask And It Is Given’ by Abraham-Hicks. I’ll be posting more ‘Abe’ quotes on this blog, because they really inspire me.
No, I’m not getting a commission, but reading this book has really changed my perception on how we can get the things we want in life. I’ve always believed in responsibility for our own actions, and that all physical illnesses are caused by psychological issues. But this book puts this philosophy in even simpler terms – how you feel is absolutely the most important thing.

Your emotions are the indicator of whether something is in your best interests or not. So many people spend so much of their lives doing things they don’t want to do – why? If something makes you feel bad, then it is not what you’re supposed to be doing (struggling upstream). If something feels good, then you need to do more of it (flowing downstream). And if you are going ‘upstream’, it means that you are struggling, and working really hard for something … but nothing you want is upstream. Flowing ‘downstream’ means going with the flow, going with what makes you feel good, taking Life’s opportunities and running with it. Everything we want is downstream. Or, even more simply, upstream feels bad, downstream feels good.

If you have an issue to be sorted, it really is as simple as asking yourself ‘is this upstream or downstream?’.

I recently had a very important decision to make that I had been putting off for a while. Then I stopped and said to myself ‘how does this make me feel – upstream or downstream?’. I decided that every time I thought about it, I felt angry and upset – definitely upstream, surely that can’t be good for me! So I gave it up. I cut my ties, and started flowing downstream. Oh, how freeing it was, it was like a weight off my shoulders!

Another good technique is ‘appreciation’ – sounds fluffy and new age, doesn’t it? But seriously, if we look at things to appreciate, then we can attract more things to appreciate:

"A desire to appreciate is a very good first step; and then as you find more things you would like to feel appreciation for, it quickly gains momentum. And as you want to feel appreciation, you attract something to appreciate. And as you appreciate it, then you attract something else to appreciate, until, in time, you are experiencing a Rampage of Appreciation."

Every time something bad happens, it makes us aware of what we don’t want – but it also makes us aware of what we DO want … therefore, by concentrating more on what we do want rather than harping on about what is wrong, we can attract all this good stuff.

Every noticed that people who are whingeing all the time constantly have ‘bad luck’, or are always getting sick? There’s no such thing as bad luck … or coincidence. We’re all attracting whatever we are thinking about.

Try appreciating today – and see what happens!

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Monday, August 3, 2009

Legba Veve in progress

Papa Legba is the Vodou l'wa who guards the crossroads ... if we want to contact other l'wa or our ancestors, we have to ask permission from Legba first.

I have been 'asked' to stitch Legba's veve in his colours - red and white: