Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Very very excited – I have made a sling bag from this fabulous pattern:

My sewing skills are rather limited – probably because I don’t have much patience for sewing, which is pretty ironic for someone who loves the slooooww craft of needlepoint! But I’ve been looking to buy a good cross-body sling bag without success – at least making my own I can have numerous bags in cool fabrics. I have already ordered this:

And this, for Anita – combining her love of purple and peacocks!

My first one was plain, in cheap fabric … just in case it didn’t turn out! I used plain black cotton for the body, and pink paisley quilting fabric for the lining. The main body is lined not only with interfacing, but also cotton wadding.

Main body of bag in progress:

I printed the pattern out at 80% and made the strap longer, since I wanted it hanging on my hip. Overall, it was much easier than I expected, and the instructions were clear and easy to follow.

Finished bag:

Since this bag is rather plain, I’m covering it with badges …