Sunday, February 14, 2010

Michelle Learns To Weave ...

So ... Thursday night I taught myself how to weave! I spent a while looking through my books with a perplexed look on my face, too scared to actually start ... but after a while I stopped procrastinating and warped up the frame:

Next I had to put in the 'floor', then 3 rows of waste yarn. I discovered that I prefer using bobbins rather than 'butterflies' of yarn, which I found too cumbersome. In the picture below I'm starting the 'double half-hitches' - a process I found quite difficult to learn, as my textbook only gave me one 'how-to' diagram, without a picture of what they are supposed to look like when finished ... so hopefully I've got it right!

I was getting the hang of weaving, once I realised that beating the weft down would hide the warp threads!

And here I'm practising changing colours randomly:

So now I'm feeling more confident ... I guess I'll find out whether I'm on the right track when I hand in my first assignment!

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