Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Moon Is The Number 18

OK - so I'm nearing the end of my first sampler ... in the process of completing the 'landscape' part. I decided to base my landscape design very loosely on a tarot card - you wouldn't guess, but it was inspired by The Moon :P

The edges will be in black, so I can practise sewing slits - though I will also need to do that on the edges of my circle too. I'm finding that I'm enjoying 'eccentric weft' rather than weaving to right angles of the warp. It's just something I'm automatically comfortable with ... though I realise that the whole tapestry can't be made up of weird angled stitching! I've also realised that heavy black outlining seems to be a 'Michelle' thing to do, as I do that in most of my needlepoint designs.

Yesterday Anita and I visited Bev, a fantastic tapestry artist and weaver. If I get stuck I'll go to her for a class or two, since just talking to her for a few minutes taught me so much! She weaves on both the front and back warps, using the floor to join them together, and seemed surprised that I was only weaving on the top warps! No wonder my sampler is chunky ... I'll try that next time.

I'm also excited by the advice that more experienced tapestry artists have been giving me - so if any of you are reading this, thank you! :)

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