Sunday, February 21, 2010

Steppin' and Hitchin'

No, they aren't dance moves ... they're the latest techniques I have been learning on my sampler!

I finished the (rather dodgy) circle, then started hatching:

I think the wool is too chunky - I have warped up in accordance with the instructions, with 12/18 seine twine, and used 8 x 2-ply yarn strands in keeping with the instruction that the weft should loosely fit in between 2 warps. But I think my work would look a lot neater with finer warp spacing and less strands. Also, my tension is all over the place - it has stabilised now, but started at 16cm wide, and is now 15cm! Ooooops :P

While I'm learning a lot in this sampler (which, I guess, is the point!), I'm not happy with how it's turning out. Though the due date is looming (pun not intended), if I get time I'm going to do a miniature, finer sampler to send with it.


  1. hi Michelle, i'm a tapestry weaver since mid last century so perhaps i can make a comment if that's ok. The purpose of this first piece is so they, the tutors, can make comments and advise accordingly on where you're at right now so don't worry about trying to do something 'better' right now.
    The width business settles down in time and it has a lot to do with how much weft you allow to lay between the warps, If you've only lost 1cm so far then that's pretty good for early work. Also make sure your warp is very tight and even tension from side to side.
    Lastly, so-called '2 ply' yarns differ in thickness so once again it becomes an experience thing and you will get better in time. I always beat down very hard as i initially trained as a floor rug weaver and that often tends to iron out any minor problems like different thickness wefts, tho it can cause a bit of pulling in if you don't allow enough weft.
    Looks to me like you're doing ok so far. cheers, KaiteM.

  2. Thanks Kaite for your comment, and thanks for your encouragement!

    You're right, I can't be perfect on my first sampler - I guess I'm being a little hard on myself :)

  3. hi Michelle, i've just noticed, you seem to be weaving only on half of the warp, on the top shed. Ah hah, so that's it. When you made your half hitch chain at the base of the warp did you bring both front and back warps together? Hmmm, it's a problem not of your making but of the interpretation of the instructions you've possibly been given. You can contact me privately if you need to, via the tapestry weavers yahoo group. cheers, Kaite