Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Fart Than Art :P

Well ... yesterday I posted my first assignment to SW TAFE via registered mail.

This is what my sampler looked like before darning in the ends:

Much more artistic than the front:

I decided to do a small additional sampler, with the warp done properly - the consenses between Anita and Brett is that it looks like a small rug ... possibly for a doll's house:

My next assignment is a small tapestry of my own design - only problem is, I have lots of designs in my head, but a distinct lack of technical skill to execute them :P Ah well, I'm doing this course to learn, not to get the best grades in the class!


  1. Well at least it's done Michelle. It will be interesting to see what Cathy says and how instructive her comments are. Can you wait for the reply before starting on your new one? good if you could. I want to send you a link to someone who does beautiful tapestry so i'll try to do it on another comment. Kt.

  2. Link to Tommye McClure Scanlin tapestry, her work is worth watching. Kt.

  3. Thanks Kaite! I'll definitely keep an eye on her blog :)