Monday, April 5, 2010


I am in shock ... my sampler is working out! This is for my second assignment, a small format tapestry of my own design. I wasn't sure what to do, since my technical skills are limited ... but Papa Ghede wanted his portrait done - who am I to argue with a Vodou l'wa? :P

Can someone please tell me how to weave a single vertical row? I have tried, but it's just like I'm wrapping the weft around the warp, and it doesn't sit right!

By the way, the background is the wrong way around - I am weaving on the side, and they are representations of gravestones - lucky it's only the sampler!

In between weaving, I'm still needlepointing - this is what I'm working on - a lime leopardprint pattern:


  1. hi Michelle - a single vertical row/line can be done 2 ways. Either just continue wrapping the yarn around after first anchoring/locking it on at the base of the line and again anchoring it at the top, locking off. Or alt you can do half hitches around the warp, which will end up textured and spiral. It's best to try to avoid single warp wrapping, or dont do it too far. it's looking great so far.
    any results back yet? |<.

  2. in the middle of the night (thanks!) i remembered another way to do that single warp weave - weave it with the others around as a background and then embroider OVER it after. hope these help. |<.

  3. Oh, thanks so much Kaite! I will try experimenting with all your ideas, and see which works best for me - thank goodness for doing a sampler first!

    I did receive the results from my first sampler - 85% credit! I'm still in shock, considering I made so many errors! Then again, I have learnt so much from those samplers, and my weaving has already improved :)

    Thanks again for your wise advice!

  4. Wowee, congrats, 85% that's brilliant. Any snippets of advice you can work into this next one tho? |<.

  5. Hi Kaite - thanks for your advice!! I tried doing half hitches as a single row on the warp, and it's worked! It will look even better when I've sewn up the slits too :)