Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nearly there ...

This is an action shot of me weaving on Friday :P

Status of my tapestry: I have cut off the frame, and am in the process of sewing slits and catching the braided warp threads.

I hadn't thought much about how I was going to finish this off ... so I might buy some velcro tomorrow, and attach it to the back of the tapestry, since it's only around A4 size. Maybe next time I'll be brave enough to attach it to a fabric-covered board.

I'm aiming to post this to TAFE on Tuesday - wish me luck!


  1. hi Michelle
    i didn't mount any of my tafe tapestries before sending them. Just wove the warp ends back and cut the weft ends short and posted them.
    How about a pic of the tapestry itself for us to admire?
    cheers, k.

  2. I will post a pic when it's all finished off!

    The textbook doesn't make it clear about whether this tapestry has to be mounted ... it just mentions that samplers don't need to be. I'll give Cathy a call today, just in case!