Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hold on tight!

Yep, it's been a bumpy ride! What a week ... I'm putting it down to the fact that Saturn has just moved out of Virgo (where it has been for the past 3 years), and into Libra - and it's a Full Moon on Monday - shaking things up! At least the Full Moon is in Aquarius - I have Moon in Aquarius natally, so I always feel more in my power around this time of year :P

This is a good time to get rid of things and people that are not positive enhancers of our lives - that has certainly happened to me in the last few years! And I have not regretted a single thing - my life is just getting better and better.

And I did promise to post my progress on my 4th TAFE assignment. This was supposed to be a semi-abstract composition based on the landscape, and putting into practise all the lessons of the previous colour exercise. I played around with a few concepts, then decided to take a map of the area I live in, and turn it into a design:

And I was having problems with my back while using the tapestry frame, so Brett set it up on his old painting easel. It's still not great, but I'll be getting a proper Ashford Tapestry Loom in the middle of August - I can't wait! And by the way, does anyone know how to attach the cartoon to the frame? I've used masking tape :P

It was suggested by my lecturer to colour in the cartoon before I started weaving, since I have a habit of jumping in feet first and making it up as I go along. I made an attempt to do this, but I really struggled - those tiny amounts of colour took me about 2 hours! I guess too much planning inhibits my creativity ... I much prefer working on a section, then looking at it and 'feeling' what colour should come next.

And here's the design so far ... it's getting there, though my technique is still pretty horrible! I wanted to make the Happy Valley Reservoir a feature, so I wove it in sparkly blue thread - terrible stuff to weave with, but I'm happy with the overall effect!

This week I'm going to concentrate on weaving as much as I can, since I haven't even started my dyeing wool assignment, and that's due the week after this one! Eeeeeeek! I have to allow quite a while to sew the slits on this one, as there are a lot of them - bleeuurggh :P

Friday, July 2, 2010

Threefold Designs on Etsy!

I just realised I haven't mentioned my new Etsy store, so here's the link!

So far I have a few of my kits available on there, and I'm adding more all the time.

I confess I've been obsessed with Etsy since Anita sent me a link - I'd heard about it before, but I didn't realise how much of a range of handmade goods are available - very impressive!

I'm currently working on my 4th assignment for TAFE, so I'll post an update with pics very soon :)