Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dead After Dyeing ...

Very melodramatic post title! Well, after many late nights (and nearly falling asleep at my computer at work during the day), I finally posted my dyeing assignment last week. I'm still frantically working on my next tapestry assignment (texture samples), so haven't had time to update. Last night I finally grabbed some images from my phone, so here they are!

This is my completed last tapestry assignment - I still haven't got the hang of keeping the edges straight ... but I'm still pretty pleased with the finished product! This was based on a google map of the area in which I live - the glittery blue thing in the middle is the Happy Valley Reservoir :P

Here's a pile of dyed wool, ready to be mounted on cards! They looked so pretty, I had to take a pic - they're shades of the primary colours, as well as blue-green :)

And some of the secondary and tertiary colours, which turned out better than I expected!

I still don't think dyeing is my forte ... I had to dye a few of the samples twice, because the colour was patchy. But it was still more fun than I expected.

Now I'm working on the 9 small texture samples ... three of them have to be 'treated' in some way - my first is currently being toddler-treated! Lily, my best friend's little girl (3 1/2 years old) is helping me out by carrying one around for a week - I promised she could have it back after TAFE had marked it :P


  1. lovely colours, you have been good.
    best idea for treating - compost it!! wonderful results in a nice hot compost. cheers, k.

  2. Composting does sounds good ... but there are a few examples in the textbook of composting treatments - which is why I'm doing something different!

    My second sample will be treated with candle wax, and my third with natural dyeing - though I haven't decided which natural dye I will use yet. Maybe an avocado pit or tumeric!