Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's Tuesday ...

Aahhh ... I'm sitting at my desk at work, thinking I'd better do an update before tackling today's deadlines :P

I've been sick with a cold for the last week - I could see it coming, what with cramming tapestry homework, dyeing homework, Threefold stuff, preparing for the craft fair at the end of October ... and the fact that it was end of month at work, and I'm in Accounts so couldn't take any time off - eeeeeeeek! I ended up working half days before collapsing, then going home and sitting in the sun for a while. I do feel a LOT better today!

Anyway, I did get a lot of work done on the weekend. I have to put the finishing touches on a painting for a 'commission design' assignment at TAFE tonight so I can post it tomorrow. Painting is not my forte - I didn't like it when I was at art school either - YAWN!! Then I have a couple of weeks before my next dyeing assignment is due. I also made a stack of hand cream for various people (Kaite - yours will be posted tomorrow!).

The MarionLIFE fair is on Saturday, October 23 - my very first craft fair! I'll bring all my cross stitch kits, though I still have to make up a whole pile of bookmark kits since I think they're the ones that will sell on the day.

And finally ... I've been featured on an Astrology blog:

Gawd, I feel like I'm everywhere at the moment! Hopefully the exposure will mean I'll sell my first kit on Etsy soon :)

Anyway, better get back to it!


  1. help, stop the world i want to get off for a minute! looking forward to receiving the handcream but don't bust yourself if you can't get to the PO just yet. k.

  2. Haaha, yes it's a bit like that! Luckily I have Friday off to relax and hang out with my best friend :)

    Hand cream will be posted today, since I have to post my TAFE homework and a few kits ;) It feels so good to have everything in a bag ready to go!