Sunday, October 24, 2010

Misfits At The Markets

Yesterday was a lot of fun! It wasn't commercially successful, but a lot of people took business cards, added their names to my mailing list, and gave me an amazing amount of positive feedback! And that was really the aim of being part of this market :)

Our main battle was the wind ... we ended up putting random items in the bottom of the bags to stop them blowing away ... though some people were wondering why one of the leopard print bookmark kits came with a pack of baby wipes! :P Anita's gorgeous mum, Brigitte, saved the day by bringing large pebbles, as well as a gourmet picnic lunch :D

Of course, the most important thing about being part of the Market is making sure the HAIR is right! I should have taken a pic of Anita stitching the purple leopard print bookmark while wearing purple leopard print :P

I will definitely be part of another Market - this one was more of a browsing rather than a buying market (and is on again next April), but there are many others (like the Gilles Street market) that are more of a shopper's market ... on my list of things to look into!


  1. you crazy pair, glad you had a good day...k.

  2. Haaha, thanks! Yeah, we stood out a bit ... :)

  3. This looks so nice. Thanks so much.........