Friday, October 22, 2010

Stream Of Wellbeing ...

I'm currently working on my last Tapestry assignment for the first year - a 'small tapestry of my own design'. It really will be small too, since I don't have very long to complete it (a couple of weeks now), and I have been preparing for tomorrow's craft fair. But here's what I've done so far:
I realise I'm being a bit ambitious doing the 'stream' completely in eccentric weft ... but I'm going to give it a go! Personally, I'd prefer to take risks and get lower grades rather than play safe and aim for distinctions :P

My design is based on the Stream of Wellbeing - basically, everyone has their own Stream - going with the flow and putting positive energy into things ensures a good experience, pushing against the current and resisting creates 'blocks' in life. At the moment, I am seeing some people around me who are so negative and spend so much time picking on other people, that their Stream just beats them up all the time, and they suffer for it. Seriously, if they spent all that energy into doing things that make them feel good, their entire life would change!

Tomorrow Anita and I will be sitting at the MarionLIFE Spring Fair all day - Maggie Beer will be opening it, so I hope Anita won't be chasing her all day, since she's a bit of a groupie, haaaha! :P

I'll bring all my kits, but I'm aiming to sell the small (cheap!) bookmark kits tomorrow - the rest will be there to entice people to join my mailing list for future purchases. I've never had a craft stall before, so this will be something new for me!

I'll post photos!


  1. good luck for the Fair tomorrow.
    hint for the eccentric weft - keep the bottom of the curve very well spaced, or it might gather in at that point. cheers, kaite

  2. Thanks Kaite - it was fun!
    And thanks for the eccentric weft tip :) xxxoo

  3. Hi Michelle, I agree with you about playing and experimenting rather than getting high marks - what job interview ever asks if you got high marks, they just want to see the bit of paper. And how useful is the paper anyway? It is the learning that is important. Have fun with the tapestry. Good luck with the fair.

  4. Exactly!! Creativity is WAY more important than grades ... and I'm having fun playing with wool :)