Monday, February 14, 2011

Coughing ... and a bit overwhelmed

Home today with a cold :( And I have one of those obnoxious coughs that are loud and annoying - apparently a remnant of having croup as a small child ...

Last week I received my pack of Diploma Of Tapestry books for this year - YIKES! 4 subjects: "Apply Colour Theory In Response To A Brief", " Use Advanced Drawing Techniques To Represent And Communicate Concepts", "Apply Research And Critical Analysis To Inform Artistic Practice Parts 1 & 2", and "Produce Textile Fibre Work" - the last subject the only one to actually involve physical tapestry weaving.

I confess to being a bit overwhelmed as I perused the books and the due dates - typically for SW TAFE, my first assigment is due to be posted only 1 1/2 weeks after I received my books ... so I spent the weekend frantically painting with gouache a colour wheel, 4 'contrasts of hue' exercises, and a 'light/dark' contrast exercise. Only one 'colour light/dark contrast' exercise to go, and 3 10cm x 10cm collages. Thanks to Anita, who kept Lily out of my way for most of the time! I'm going to draw up a colour wheel for Lily to paint, since she wanted to 'stay and help Chelle' :)

But for the moment, I think I'll go back to bed ... *splutter*

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Green beauty: Mascara

Oh! I forgot the mascara, and was reminded when I remembered I must buy some more :P

Mascara was one of those products that I had to really search for, and it's pretty important to go natural with this since it's so close to the eye! I first tried Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara (with it's gorgeous packaging!), and it's really good if you can find it (and if you don't mind paying $25 for mascara).

I then found Australian-made Ere Perez Natural Almond Oil Mascara, which is $28.95. The formula is very similar to the Physicians Formula, and wears very well.

Both products are excellent, and pure ... only criticism I have of the Ere Perez is that I only bought it a couple of months ago, and it's starting to dry up. Then again, I *know* that you should only keep mascara for a few months anyway for hygiene purposes ... :P

Monday, February 7, 2011

Grooving In Green ...

Since reading The Green Beauty Guide around a year ago, I've become so hardcore with my beauty products and cosmetics, that I thought I'd better post some of my recommendations here. First, get this book! I found it in my local library.

Basically, it’s all about checking the ingredients in the products you use, and swapping them for ‘green’ options – ie. chemical free. That could mean making them yourself, or purchasing – though some things are more difficult to get than others.

I had quite a few skin problems before switching to green products – they've make a HUGE difference!



Easy – I just use about 5 drops of rosehip oil or avocado oil (if my skin is feeling very dry). If your skin is oily/normal/combination,use jojoba oil – I promise it won’t feel greasy! Commercial moisturisers are a waste of money. You can add appropriate essential oils to facial oils if you want them to smell good.

Hand cream

Sweet almond oil and grated beeswax (in a 2:1 ratio), 3 Vitamin E capsules, a bit of rosewater and essential oil. In a glass bowl over a saucepan of boiling water, melt the beeswax in the oil. Take off the heat and add the rosewater and essential oils of your choice, then stir in the contents of the Vitamin E capsules. Carefully pour into small jars. This stuff is gorgeous!

Face Scrub

Just put a teaspoon of sugar in a dish, then add as much olive oil and rosewater needed to make a scrub. Make this just before using, since the sugar dissolves pretty quickly! If your skin is dry like mine, pat the excess water off carefully, then rub in the olive oil as a finishing moisturiser. Also good for dry hands.


Sometimes it’s not always practical to make some products yourself – ie. make-up, cleanser, etc. Here are the some of the products I recommend.

Mineral Make-Up

Mineral make-up is fantastic – and there are many brands out there. My favourite is Meow – they do over 84 shades of foundation, so you’re sure to find a match! Plus they come in light, medium and heavy coverage, and in 2 different sizes. They are cutely organised in cat breeds and shades – I’m a Sleek Persian :)

Other brands I’ve ordered by not yet tried are Shiro Cosmetics, Spectrum Cosmetics and Concrete Minerals.

For lipstick, I use Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer - cheap, pepperminty, and available in most pharmacies.


I follow The Green Beauty Guide’s method of ‘double cleansing’ – take eye make-up off with jojoba oil, and the rest with a milk cleanser, then second cleanse with a simple olive oil soap.

For a milk cleanser, I use Refreshing Daily Cleanser from Erzulie Cosmetics – it’s cheap, gorgeous and pure! She uses vegetable-derived emulsifying wax, rather than Polawax NF (it’s a good idea to ask what type of emulsifying wax is used, since that term can cover either).

Olive oil soaps are pretty easy to find in most health food stores – I would avoid ones with palm oil listed though, as they may not have been ethically obtained!

SPF 30+ Moisturiser

This is a tough one – it’s very hard finding an SPF moisturiser that doesn’t have nasties in it! For my face, I previously used the Petite Marie Ounce Of Prevention SPF 30, but it’s currently missing from their website :( So I’ve just ordered the Devita Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30+ – I’ll let you know what it’s like in a future update.

For sunscreen for the body, I have been using Australian-made Wotnot – it’s great, but expensive. Anita’s been using the Natural Instincts SPF, but I’m not happy with the inclusion of phenoxyethanol. It’s a tough call, and I’m still undecided!

Shower Gel / Body Moisturiser

You can’t go past Dr Bronner's Magic Soap!! This can be used as a shower gel, handwash and shampoo.

For a body moisturiser, I love the Dr Bronner's Organic Lotion - especially in Patchouli and Lime!


We’re currently using Natural Instincts Handwash – gorgeous, and only a faint lavender smell.

OK – over and out for the moment! I’m sure there are a lot of products that I’ve missed out, but I’ll keep these blog entries tagged with ‘green beauty’ for easy reference … any recommendations you’d like to share?