Monday, February 14, 2011

Coughing ... and a bit overwhelmed

Home today with a cold :( And I have one of those obnoxious coughs that are loud and annoying - apparently a remnant of having croup as a small child ...

Last week I received my pack of Diploma Of Tapestry books for this year - YIKES! 4 subjects: "Apply Colour Theory In Response To A Brief", " Use Advanced Drawing Techniques To Represent And Communicate Concepts", "Apply Research And Critical Analysis To Inform Artistic Practice Parts 1 & 2", and "Produce Textile Fibre Work" - the last subject the only one to actually involve physical tapestry weaving.

I confess to being a bit overwhelmed as I perused the books and the due dates - typically for SW TAFE, my first assigment is due to be posted only 1 1/2 weeks after I received my books ... so I spent the weekend frantically painting with gouache a colour wheel, 4 'contrasts of hue' exercises, and a 'light/dark' contrast exercise. Only one 'colour light/dark contrast' exercise to go, and 3 10cm x 10cm collages. Thanks to Anita, who kept Lily out of my way for most of the time! I'm going to draw up a colour wheel for Lily to paint, since she wanted to 'stay and help Chelle' :)

But for the moment, I think I'll go back to bed ... *splutter*


  1. too much work for me i'm afraid, i agree - a bit overwhelming even reading abut it. well good luck with it and i hope you get healthy again soon.

  2. Thanks Kaite! I'm home again today - after coughing my way through the night - so I'm summoning the energy to do some more painting :)

    I've typed up a bit of a study timetable so I don't feel *so* overwhelmed!

    M xxxoo

  3. Your course actually sounds interesting - not that the timeline is good! I went to the exhibition last year, at Warrnambool (if I have the right course) and was very impressed with the standard. Good luck with it all.

  4. Thanks Mary! I think it's the same course, but the exhibition is with final (6th) year students (I've just started my 2nd year). You're lucky that you can study hands-on - correspondence is pretty difficult sometimes! :)