Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cat Amongst The Weft

Just having a quick weaving break - I have the day off for study (thank the gods for a great boss, and lots of annual leave to use up!). I'm replicating a portion of a Flemish tapestry, and have made a rod for my own back by choosing to weave in 16 epi - EEEK! So fine that my eyes are boggling :P I originally wanted to do a Morris & Co tapestry, but 'The Adoration Of The Magi' which usually resides in the Art Gallery Of South Australia is currently touring Japan (of all places!).

Charlie has decided that tapestry = lap sitting ... hmmm, not easy to weave when there's a (rather large) kitteh on one's lap!

Right, off to do some Colour Theory homework, then back to the weaving later on.


  1. Ha ha, you're onto that one! I did a dog and flowers from one of the Unicorn series and contacted the V and A museum in England about the sett - 22 epi!! which i did, and it gave me a real appreciation of the skill of those early weavers, who worked without good light or modern lenses on their eyes. have fun!!

  2. 22 epi!!! WOW! Brave woman!

    I just made an educated guess, based on what William Morris wrote about the Flemish tapestries he admired so much - though if I had emailed the V&A, they would have probably told me 22 epi too :P 16 is bad enough, haaha!