Thursday, March 31, 2011

Green Beauty - Perfume

I haven't been happy using synthetic fragrance (even though I LOVE my Issey Miyake!), so I've been investigating natural perfume oils. Anita found the shop For Strange Women on Etsy, which has a wide range of perfume oils, solid perfumes, and the opportunity to have a perfume created especially for you (if you have a spare $300!). I ordered Sweet Androgyny for myself, and Winter Kitty for Anita - both came in 7.3ml amber bottles, beautifully packaged, and were US$25 each + postage. It's difficult to get used to putting a tiny dab of oil on pulse points (well, for me it is!), but although subtle, the scent is strong enough to last most of the day. Anita's been using non-synthetic perfume for a few months now, and has stopped getting rashes on her neck. Makes sense, huh?

I will definitely be ordering from here again - I also ordered the range of oils in sample size, and have found that Jaded and Cleopatra suit me, and Decadence & Debauchery and Moss & Ivy suit Anita - YUM!

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