Thursday, March 3, 2011


OK - *still* coughing, and consequently driving everyone mad ... but I'll get there! :)

Last Friday Anita, Brigitte (Anita's mum) and I went to see the magnificent Kaffe Fassett, who was giving one of his amazing lectures / slide shows - WOW! :O He and Brandon Mably are so inspirations! Here's a pic of them both (nicked from Facebook):

Kaffe Fassett was the reason I started designing needlepoint - I picked up one of his books in the early 90s (after I finished Art School), stitched a few of his designs, then decided to start designing my own. I saw him first in 1995, then in 2000. Apparently he has toured in between then and now, but I missed him. I had lent Brigitte all my Kaffe books, and she was the one who tipped me off about this visit.

Kaffe started off as a painter, then moved to knitting, then needlepoint, rag rugs, mosaics, and now quilting - PHEW! He still does them all interchangeably, as well as touring the world with his workshops and lectures. I wanna be that energetic when I'm in my 70s too! Brandon, as well as being Kaffe's partner and studio manager, is also a designer - he showed us the rooster needlepoint he's working in when Anita and I decided to be groupies and corner him :P

Tapestry-wise, I'm getting really bogged down with the massive amounts of work I have to complete in a fairly short space of time ... it's crazy up until the end of April, then the assignment due dates are a bit more spaced out. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the reason my persistent cough won't go away. So - in typical Michelle-fashion - I've created a study timetable, which is becoming increasingly more detailed. My cure for being overwhelmed is strict organisation! Cross fingers that it works ;)


  1. perhaps you could ask for an extension due to the cough and lethargy? good luck with it.

  2. Hi Kaite! I'd love to ... but instead I am taking Monday off work to get some of that drawing done :)

    Went to a naturopath last night, and she recommended juice of carrot, celery, beetroot & spinach every day, as well as barley grass powder - hopefully that will get rid of the cough and give me some energy!! :)

  3. There has been a whooping cough epidemic here, hope you haven't got that.
    Lucky you, going to see Kaffe Fasset.

  4. I ended up having a lung infection, and got rid of the coughing with ventalin! Weird but true :)