Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Excuse the dodgy pic .... but it's DONE! On the right is the printed image I was working from - though the colours are a lot duller, the tapestry itself seems to be far more vibrant - see below:

Anyway, it has been posted ... now onto the second 'Research & Critical Analysis' assignment, which is on the Middle Ages and William Morris (the latter is my forte!).


  1. well done you.
    did you choose that small section or was it chosen for you - i'm curious.

  2. Thanks Kaite! I chose the tapestry and the section. I was originally going to weave an area of the ground, but thought that this piece had more of a variety of colour :)

  3. Congratulations! It sounds like a good course you are doing. Lots of work though. I have actually learnt some patience having started a tapestry course - I never used to want to pull work out but, somehow, it seems worth it with tapestry - it is a medium that you want to do well. So I fully sympathise with having to pull out the last few rows, even though you were so close to being finished.

  4. Thanks Mary! I'm naturally an impatient and full-on person ... but for some reason I have a lot of patience for tapestry and cross stitch! Weird :P