Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nearly there!

Can you see the line at the top? Yes, I'm nearly there with my Tapestry assignment! It was a 20cm x 20cm replica of a portion of a tapestry from history - I chose 'The Boar And The Bear Hunt' from Southern Netherlands in the early 15th century.

It's done in 16 epi with 12/9 cotton warp, and 2 strands of Australian Tapestry Workshop yarn. Yeah, I know that's a very tight epi for the warp size ... but I didn't have enough time to order anything smaller.

Although not perfect, my weaving is a lot neater than last year - so I *have* learnt something, heh heh! The sides aren't pulling in as much as they were - though I've just noticed from this photo that the top right is, so I'll unpull that tonight and do it again :P

In case you're wondering, I will post a picture of the original next to my copy when I'm finished :)

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