Wednesday, June 29, 2011

green beauty - Flossie Fern

I came across this cool little Etsy store after noting that they had added Threefold to their Favourites. Aside from the gorgeous slogan 'herbal body care for modern flappers', their products are completely natural and 'safe'. I ordered the Flapper Joan Salve (Joan Crawford, that is!) for USD $14.

Although it's listed as rose and lemon scented, I can only smell a faint hint of lemon - though that would be a plus for a lot of people. It's a gorgeous and moisturising olive oil-based salve which is perfect as a hand cream (especially when I'm time poor and haven't gotten around to making my own). I would definitely buy this again ;)

I'd like to try their solid natural perfumes next ... especially 'Graveyard Dirt' and 'Mermaid's Snuff' - how can I resist?

Kitteh In The Window

Yep, there she is, in the window of my Wool Room, just checking out what's happening at the tattoo shop across the road! It's her new hangout, and she hasn't touched any of my wool ... yet!

Sometimes we wonder where she is, then see a tail sticking out under the blinds :P

Anyway, kitteh aside, the Cancer bookmark has just been listed in my Etsy store for USD $14.50, so check it out!

Leo will be listed next week, and I'm currently stitching Virgo. Only Libra and Scorpio left before the set is completed - PHEW! After that, I'll be designing one more Egyptian bookmark kit, then maybe a Moon Phases one. Then it's back onto the needlepoint frame (where I'm happiest!) for a purple leopard print design - our bedroom wall is looking a little bare ;)


Friday, June 17, 2011

Green Beauty - Facial Oil / Mineral Make-Up

Since I haven't posted a 'Grooving In Green' review for a while, I thought I'd combine a couple of products!

Facial Oil
I don't use moisturiser at night, I use facial oil instead - my dry skin enjoys rosehip oil, but it's pretty expensive. Checking Etsy, I found Anthology Organic's 'Lullaby For Dry Skin' - which includes Argan, Grapeseed and Rosehip oils - USD $15.95 for $30ml.

This is absolutely gorgeous - one pump of oil needed (approximately 5 drops), and it smells divine. I'm now onto my second bottle ... and the customer service is excellent! ;) I also purchased a couple of gorgeous body butters from them, which I use as a very intensive hand cream.

Mineral Eyeshadows - Black Rose Minerals
I found Black Rose Minerals through a couple of blogs, and thought I'd order a few samples, since they now ship internationally. Customer service here is EXCELLENT! I had a glitch with the postage (which ended up being free for samples), and Rosa was very helpful in helping me out with my order. I received them yesterday, and am so impressed! I hate samples in little bags, but Black Rose gives the option of little jars for an extra $1.50 - making samples in jars $2.50 each.

Isn't this colour gorgeous? It's Doll Face, and it's the brightest mineral pink that I have found without carmine. Very impressive! I would definitely order from here again.

The next 2 colours I have tried so far are 'Were Me Out' (shouldn't that be 'Wear Me Out'?) and Venom. Highly pigmented, and very unusual and gorgeous colours:

Thursday, June 16, 2011


The first pic is of me goofing around after warping up my loom ... and the second one is a self portrait - the only drawing I've enjoyed doing this year. Man, I really hate drawing! It's more fun when it's not supposed to be realistic though, haaha :P

So - now I'm *only* juggling 3 subjects - I just posted my third Drawing assessment, and emailed my third Research & Critical Analysis essay. At the end of July, the fourth Drawing assessment and fourth R&CA essay are due, as well as my second Tapestry assessment. So I'm trying to time manage enough to do all three ;) I'm enjoying actual tapestry the most - I'll post a pic of my progress when it looks more recognisable ...

I'm really looking forward to my third Tapestry assessment, actually - a miniature tapestry. I'm working towards designing one that will serve as the Shadowplay radio show's logo ... and yes, a skeleton will be involved :P

Right - I'd better pour a glass of wine and start weavin'!