Friday, June 17, 2011

Green Beauty - Facial Oil / Mineral Make-Up

Since I haven't posted a 'Grooving In Green' review for a while, I thought I'd combine a couple of products!

Facial Oil
I don't use moisturiser at night, I use facial oil instead - my dry skin enjoys rosehip oil, but it's pretty expensive. Checking Etsy, I found Anthology Organic's 'Lullaby For Dry Skin' - which includes Argan, Grapeseed and Rosehip oils - USD $15.95 for $30ml.

This is absolutely gorgeous - one pump of oil needed (approximately 5 drops), and it smells divine. I'm now onto my second bottle ... and the customer service is excellent! ;) I also purchased a couple of gorgeous body butters from them, which I use as a very intensive hand cream.

Mineral Eyeshadows - Black Rose Minerals
I found Black Rose Minerals through a couple of blogs, and thought I'd order a few samples, since they now ship internationally. Customer service here is EXCELLENT! I had a glitch with the postage (which ended up being free for samples), and Rosa was very helpful in helping me out with my order. I received them yesterday, and am so impressed! I hate samples in little bags, but Black Rose gives the option of little jars for an extra $1.50 - making samples in jars $2.50 each.

Isn't this colour gorgeous? It's Doll Face, and it's the brightest mineral pink that I have found without carmine. Very impressive! I would definitely order from here again.

The next 2 colours I have tried so far are 'Were Me Out' (shouldn't that be 'Wear Me Out'?) and Venom. Highly pigmented, and very unusual and gorgeous colours:

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