Wednesday, June 29, 2011

green beauty - Flossie Fern

I came across this cool little Etsy store after noting that they had added Threefold to their Favourites. Aside from the gorgeous slogan 'herbal body care for modern flappers', their products are completely natural and 'safe'. I ordered the Flapper Joan Salve (Joan Crawford, that is!) for USD $14.

Although it's listed as rose and lemon scented, I can only smell a faint hint of lemon - though that would be a plus for a lot of people. It's a gorgeous and moisturising olive oil-based salve which is perfect as a hand cream (especially when I'm time poor and haven't gotten around to making my own). I would definitely buy this again ;)

I'd like to try their solid natural perfumes next ... especially 'Graveyard Dirt' and 'Mermaid's Snuff' - how can I resist?

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