Thursday, June 16, 2011


The first pic is of me goofing around after warping up my loom ... and the second one is a self portrait - the only drawing I've enjoyed doing this year. Man, I really hate drawing! It's more fun when it's not supposed to be realistic though, haaha :P

So - now I'm *only* juggling 3 subjects - I just posted my third Drawing assessment, and emailed my third Research & Critical Analysis essay. At the end of July, the fourth Drawing assessment and fourth R&CA essay are due, as well as my second Tapestry assessment. So I'm trying to time manage enough to do all three ;) I'm enjoying actual tapestry the most - I'll post a pic of my progress when it looks more recognisable ...

I'm really looking forward to my third Tapestry assessment, actually - a miniature tapestry. I'm working towards designing one that will serve as the Shadowplay radio show's logo ... and yes, a skeleton will be involved :P

Right - I'd better pour a glass of wine and start weavin'!


  1. what do you mean "not realistic" - i thought that was a photograph of you! chuckle chuckle.
    have fun with the weaving...

  2. Yeah, you're right - that drawing isn't as colourful as me in real life!! :P

    I'm glad that I'm getting to enjoy the weaving now - I still find it difficult, but it *is* getting easier! :)

  3. Michelle, I'm with you on the not liking drawing - actually, that's not quite true, I don't mind it when I am doing the actual class but I never choose to draw. Are you doing a distance class? It sounds like it. That would be HARD - I only manage to draw when I am actually physically present in the class.
    Having said that, I did learn lots in my classes and am hoping that I might actually use some of the things I have learnt in future work - but I won't hold my breath.

  4. Yes Mary, it is a distance class - everything by correspondence! It has its good and bad points ... I love working by myself, but sometimes it would be great to *see* tapestry being demonstrated!

    Your classes sound awesome! You're very lucky that you have so many near where you live ;)