Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kitteh In The Window

Yep, there she is, in the window of my Wool Room, just checking out what's happening at the tattoo shop across the road! It's her new hangout, and she hasn't touched any of my wool ... yet!

Sometimes we wonder where she is, then see a tail sticking out under the blinds :P

Anyway, kitteh aside, the Cancer bookmark has just been listed in my Etsy store for USD $14.50, so check it out!

Leo will be listed next week, and I'm currently stitching Virgo. Only Libra and Scorpio left before the set is completed - PHEW! After that, I'll be designing one more Egyptian bookmark kit, then maybe a Moon Phases one. Then it's back onto the needlepoint frame (where I'm happiest!) for a purple leopard print design - our bedroom wall is looking a little bare ;)



  1. she's a cutie, maybe she's got a girlfriend across the road.