Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wool Dreads For The WIN!

Well ... after 4 1/2 years of wearing dread extensions, I've finally decided that the person who will always be there to make me dreads every 3 months ... IS ME! Yep, I'm making my own dreads from now on. My last dreads were felted wool, and my scalp (and hairdresser) are so happy, that I've decided to continue with them.

Luckily, Bella Textiles ( are just down the road, so I was able to get some gorgeous Ashford Corriedale sliver in Pansy (hot pink), Lime, Magenta and Liquorice (black). Yum, sounds good enough to eat!

And here they are installed! My hairdresser bonded them on like normal extensions, and I've attached one more on top with elastic bands (short hair install method):

My last ones were in for 3 months, and although a few of them have pilled, they are in amazingly good condition!


  1. oh how funny, i got dread extensions this spring...

    also wore them for about three months, but they were quite uncomfy to be honest. I once had a few wool ones and they were ok albeit not installed properly. I really want some super long ones one day, but i need some change in between. I'm not the person to wear the same hairstyle for more than half a year... ^^

  2. Hey, they look really cool! :D