Sunday, September 25, 2011

"Are You A Celebrity?"

Yep, we're back from yet another road trip - this time we went to Portland, Port Fairy and Warrnambool.

Thursday was spent driving - we left at 5.30am, and stopped by at our favourite place in Robe (Robe Providore) for some brekkie!  Someone had yarn bombed a couple of stobie poles, so I had to take a pic for Kaite ;)

We stayed in 'The Cottage' (built in 1840), just out of Narrawong (about 10 minutes from Portland) and very close to the beach. 

We had afternoon tea at Portland ... a very weird town - some people are very friendly, and some people incredibly rude.  We were lucky to choose a lovely place (The Lido Larder), and ended up having a wonderful meal at Edward's Waterfront Restaurant on Friday night.

Friday was spent in Warrnambool - now this is a town I could definitely live in ;)  We first visited the SW TAFE, and it was great to finally meet my lecturer Cathy ... I even met my other teacher for this year, Karen, as she was on her way to a class!  It's nice putting faces to names, and I hope I can come back for a visit very soon.  Lily's highlight was the giant playground (or group of playgrounds).



Yeah, the flying fox is actually meant for kids :P

We headed over to Port Fairy on Saturday.  This is another town I really enjoyed - very friendly.  The farmer's market was on, and a women selling preserves asked me (quite seriously) "are you a celebrity?".  In hindsight, I should have said yes ... but she caught me by surprise!

We visited the 'Notorious', a replica of a Portugese merchant ship ... here's Lily (literally) posing inside:

For afternoon tea we found a gorgeous little place called Clonmara Tearoom.  We had fruit scones and a pot of tea each (or in Lily's case, fizzy apple juice).  Beautiful cottage gardens, nice owners and a very friendly Hungarian Puli called Sam :P

On the drive back to Adelaide on Sunday, we found yet another gorgeous place to eat - Henry & Rose is an (unexpected) find in Keith, SA.  It's quite unassuming from the front, but inside it's a large, trendy cafe that would not be out of place in a big city.  We sat outside in the courtyard, and had delicious cafe-style meals with Mahalia coffee - yum!

Anyway, we really enjoyed our little road trip.  Anita's keen to drive to Melbourne some time - though our next weekend holiday will be Port Augusta, so Anita can show Lily where her mum grew up :)


  1. sounds like you had a lot of fun but my time in Warrnambool was very scary, i could hear all the ancient voices of the drowning passengers and crew. i found it very confronting.

  2. i also meant to say, thanks for the yarn bombing pics.

  3. Wow! I don't think we spent enough time in Warrnambool to pick up that much energy ... but thanks for the warning for next time! Anita's very sensitive to stuff like that, so we'll be aware ;)

    And yes, I thought of you as soon as I saw the yarn bombing ;)