Monday, September 12, 2011

Breathe ...

Yep, that's what I'm trying to do at the moment!  So many things are going on, that I haven't had much time for stitching lately - GASP!

Threefold Designs has gone through a bit of an overhaul - it's nearly there, just waiting for my website's header image and background to be created.  The Etsy store has a new banner, and I have a new logo:

Gorgeous, huh?  Thanks to the amazingly talented Dominique from VioletCrimeDesign ;)

My Facebook group has just been moved over to a new page - unfortunately, members can't automatically be transferred over, so I'd appreciate it if you'd head over and 'like' it! 

And the other thing I've been working on is the new radio show - yes, Shadowplay has moved from a physical radio station (Three D Radio, where it's been since 1996) to the amazing Cathedral 13 online goth/darkwave radio station!  This means that the show can be recorded from our dining room, rather than having to go to the studio every Wednesday night.  It also means we have a much wider audience, since we've tried to cover as many timezones as possible.  After the show has aired, it will be available as a podcast from our blog ... so hopefully we're keeping everyone happy!

Here's the write up on the Cathedral 13 site, and the Shadowplay page on their website.

PHEW!  I'm exhausted just re-reading all that ... but hopefully all these changes will mean more time to spend on stitching, and my tapestry studies.

On Thursday morning Anita, Lily and I will be driving over the Warrnambool for a few days - well, visiting Warrnambool on Friday (and finally visiting my TAFE!), while hanging out at Portland and Port Fairy for the rest of the time.  We'll come back on Sunday night - I'm looking forward to it!  Pics will be posted here, of course ;)

Bye for now!  xxoo


  1. so busy, i too was exhausted reading it all. congrats on all the changes.

  2. Thanks Kaite! I've just uploaded the podcast of our first show to our blog, which was very weird! But yes, it's the way of the future ;)