Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weavy skullz skillz

Here's the beginning of the my last Tapestry assignment for the year ... a miniature tapestry.  The bottom hem is a tricky technique Cathy (my lecturer at SW TAFE) gave me, which is apparently the same that the Australian Tapestry Workshop use - that line of light grey apparently gets pulled out later!

This is my first attempt at pictorial weaving ... after speaking to Cathy at Warrnambool, I decided to not worry about my lack of technical ability, and try to weave the design as best I can - whether it works out or not!  She said that it's best to take risks rather than 'dumb down' a design to make it easier to weave.  So what do you think this is?  Well, hopefully you can tell it's going to be a skull - the teeth will be embroidered on afterwards!  He's wearing headphones, part of which is being woven in silver thread - ghastly slippery stuff!

I also have one more drawing assignment for the year, as well as a couple more Research & Critical Analysis essays.  Luckily we have a public holiday this coming Monday, so I'll bet able to get more done then.

I must say I feel much better about my tapestry work after visiting Cathy - it gave me an insight into what is expected in the course, and gave me encouragement about my own personal work. 


  1. Michelle, I like your design! Also the colours. I am doing a distance course with SWTAFE and find it lonely and hard to know what I am supposed to be doing, if I am doing it right, etc. I actually do have contact with one other person doing the course but it is not as good as attending a class. I admire you for doing such a long course. It is great that you have had the opportunity to meet with the teacher. Did you meet other students too? I miss the discussion amongst the other students about problems and problem solving, idea swapping, etc, but I am still glad that I am doing the machine embroidery course.

  2. No, I haven't met any students at all! I understand your feelings about correspondence ... I've come to the conclusion though that learning long distance you have the freedom to develop your own style without being influenced by others ... I figure that if I'm way off track (like I was with my first assignment), I'll either figure that out for myself, or be told pretty quickly!

    Good luck with the course - I'm looking forward to seeing some pics on your blog! :)