Friday, October 28, 2011

Getting Heckled

It's funny ... I've dressed differently from most people for as long as I can remember.  In high school I had platinum blonde hair and styled it in 1940s waves (I really wish I had a picture - it was awesome!).  It took me ages to do (rollers in my hair at night!), and I was bullied mercilessly all the way through school.  My parents said it was my fault for being weird ... I guess they were right, since we all know how conformist teenagers are!

These days, I'd be trendy (and popular) if I looked like that ... and it would be much easier finding clothes!  Ah well ... I was goth-punk inspired in my late teens, and shaved my head in 1993.  Now it's a combination of my love for goth/deathrock music, and my love for colour ... I like to dress Chelle-Style ;) 

The point of this post is that I have been called so many different names over my life, that I really should be keeping track of them all.  There are three main groups of people who feel the need to insult me about my appearance:
  1. Bogans:  this is the most common one ... for some reason, very rough people (usually overweight, chain smoking, and sporting dirty tracksuit pants - footwear optional) are the ones who feel the need to comment on my appearance.  They are usually very imaginative, calling out 'FREAK' or 'GET A HAIRCUT!'.  Hmmm, if I had a dollar ...
  2. Teenagers:  these are only in gangs, and insults are called out after I am out of range.  They are actually not very brave when they are by themselves.  Everyone knows teenagers are the most conformist of all age groups - even though they don't think they are ;)
  3. Middle Aged People:  they're the ones who shake their heads at me and say 'that's disgusting',  and variations on this theme.  Sometimes I get religious nuts who call me 'JESUS CHRIST' ... very strange.

Of course, there are always exceptions ... but I can't think of any right now.  Old people, once they've decided I'm not going to rob them, usually smile at me and say hello.  Well, I guess they've seen it all before, right?

Anyway, I had two very imaginative reactions this week.  First was an over-the-top compliment (I think!).  A girl with a baby in a pram tapped me on the shoulder and said (loudly) 'OH MY GOD, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING!'.  I assume she meant 'I like your hair', but who knows?  I just blinked and said 'thanks' before I ran away. 

And today, a bogan with a mullet and a cigarette said 'SHE LOOKS F***CKING AWFUL!' before proceeding to explain to his friend how dreading my hair and dying it bright colours will make it fall out when I'm old, blah blah blah.  I always pretend I don't hear these people, since a reaction is what they're after ... in this case, I was trying not to laugh - did he seriously think my wool dreads are REAL???!!  Hilarious.

Anyway, people who feel the need to pick on other people have some serious psychological issues.  They're obviously not happy with themselves, so think that putting someone else down will make them feel better about their awful lives. 

The one time I have reacted, it was something like 'well, you're fat and ugly - I choose to look this way.  Do you?'  Heh heh ;)


  1. Well I have to say I'm middle aged and LOVE your look....oh, I just realised I'm actually past middle age and old, so probably my comment doesn't count. I only saw your blog for the first time yesterday and sent a link to a friend who likes to do crazy and wonderful things to her hair, suggesting "your" look could be her next.
    What a boring world if we all chose to look the same.

  2. Awww, thank you Nanette for your kind comments! I just do what makes me feel good ... and I love meeting cool people who understand that ;)


  3. many years ago i had a friend who cut her hair different lengths on each side as she was an artist's model and it was more interesting for drawing her that way. she got thousands of weird comments also, it's so strange how some people feel they just must have a go.
    you go on being yourself, it's wonderful that you have the strength to do so. many people wish to be themselves but aren't strong enough to carry it thru.

  4. Thanks sweetie - it's not really strength, but more a stubborness to do what makes ME feel good, and not care what others think ;)

    I'll be one of those 80 year olds with badly dyed hair and too much make-up, haaha!!!

  5. You're right Michelle - those who feel the need to criticise others are ones who aren't comfortable with themselves and that's just how they deal with it! So sad that there are quite so many people like that out there!!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  6. Ah well - sucks to be them, eh? :P