Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Naked Space!

Yes, Naked Space is a very cool name for a shop ;)  Anita and I were in there buying yummy things for the house ... one thing led to another ... and now I have some of my bookmark kits for sale there!  YAAAY!

Hopefully they sell and this becomes a successful venture - and if not, not harm done ;)

That same day, I received a phone call from my local council - they saw me on the local Artists Register, and asked if I'd like to teach kids how to cross stitch as part of next year's Adelaide Fringe Festival!  Um - WHAT??!  Hey, I have no experience teaching kids anything ... and she didn't even realise that I've just designed some kits for kids.  So yeah, why not?  What a day!! 

As well as working on my tapestry (just needs the hem woven - pics soon!), I also finished making my next lot of dreads, since they are being installed on Thursday.  Here are a couple of pics Anita took while I was hand felting them (excuse the dodgy quality - it was late at night):

I palm roll first, then roll out onto the towel.  After doing this 3 times, I put them in a lingerie bag in the washing machine.  This gives them a final felt, and a 'crinkly' quality which looks very cool ;)

Colours are hot pink, turquoise, white and black - I'm looking forward to getting them installed!

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