Thursday, October 27, 2011

Threefold Designs Pinup Girl!

This is the gorgeous Evilyn Frantic from Hellzapoppin: A Sideshow Review stitching the Lime Leopard Print Bookmark kit!

Ages ago I asked a few people if any of them would like to 'model' my kits, and a couple of people replied ... one asked for 3 kits, and ended up losing 2 and returning 1 - with no pics :(  Obviously she had no respect for my work at all, and has no understanding about the fragile ego of the artist :P

But Evilyn went ALL OUT, working with a professional photographer and everything!  I was so excited, especially since she stitched it herself too.  It all worked out perfectly - she makes this other girl look incredibly boring, which would have effected my branding - so I guess everything happens for a reason!

These are the low res images - we're still waiting for the photographer to send the high res ones ... but since he's taken months, I thought I'd put these up anyway.  Enjoy the eye candy!  And don't forget to recommend Threefold Designs to people looking for cool end of year pressies ;)

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