Thursday, November 17, 2011

finished for the year!

YES!  A quick blog post to celebrate the fact that I have just finished Year 2 of The Diploma Of Tapestry!

I finished my last drawing assignment yesterday ... and last night I celebrated by starting the Peacock needlepoint clutch kit that I bought to stitch for Anita's birthday.

And I've just remembered why I started designing my own cross stitch designs:  I hate printed canvases, I hate tent stitch ... and I hate the wool that comes with these kits - it's already a tangled mess, and I've only just started!  Ah well, it's a beautiful design, and will look gorgeous when it's finished ;)

Proper blog entry with pictures soon!  xxoo

Sunday, November 6, 2011

necklace of awesomeness!

Wow!  Check out my new 'everyday' necklace:

It was made by a gorgeous Etsy seller from New Zealand, Charlotte Burkhart from Little Sister Designs.  She was a featured seller, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her original work - very talented!  Head over to her store for a better picture, but basically it's sterling silver castings of bones and a mummified squirrel's claw - it's called the Witches Brew Necklace, haaha!

Aaaaah, I LOVE Etsy ;)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Needlepoint Clutch Bags

Wow!  Have you seen what my fellow needlepoint designer Felicity Hall has created?  Gorgeous needlepoint clutch bags! 

I have just ordered the peacock clutch to stitch for Anita's birthday in February, since she LOVES peacock feathers ... and it's not something I would design myself ;)  I am inspired though, to design my own - I first saw the idea in the book 'Adventures In Needlework' by Jessica Aldred & Emily Peacock.

So ... I've just ordered a clutch purse frame, and will start stitching over the end-of-year break - I've promised myself I must finish my last 2 assignments before doing any more fun stuff!  I think I'll start with a simple design - hot pink with lots of black bats (reminiscent of my website logo)!

The possibilities are endless ... skulls, spiders, leopard print - in colours to match every outfit!

More Flossie!

I received another order from the fabulous Jenica from Flossie Fern on Etsy - she closed the shop for a while, as she was moving house ... a disaster, as I had run out of hand cream at home!

I've tried quite a few hand creams, and have also made my own ... but these ones are the best!  They are pretty much identical to the ones that I have made myself (olive oil based salves), and come in many different fragrances ... as well as being *very* reasonably priced - in fact, it's cheaper for me to buy my salves from here than to make my own!

This time I ordered the Olde-Time Herbal Salve, which has a yummy herby scent.  I also ordered this pair of solid scents:

The Spooky Gal Collection is made up of 'Haunted Attic' (lavender and rose absolute) and 'Graveyard Dirt' (patchouli, spikenard and rose absolute).  They are both gorgeous, but my favourite is the latter - very deep and complex fragrance - YUM!

They're not as strong as the perfumes from For Strange Women, since they're larger and in a less concentrated form (like a more concentrated version of the salve, with an organic olive oil, jojoba oil and beeswax base).   I've decided to use them as a very strongly scented hand salve for work, as the fragrance makes me feel good every time I use it ;)

She makes the Salve in a whole range of fragrances - check out the selection here - there are so many more I'm looking forward to trying!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bowerbird Bazaar

Although I already mentioned helping out at the Bowerbird Bazaar on my website (here), I thought I'd post a picture from their blog of part of the queue on Sunday (eeeeek!).

Adelaide's not used to queues like this to get into an upmarket art/design fair!  I recommend heading over to their blog to see stories on all the vendors.

Pssst ... one day I'd like to have a stall there - if they accept me!  They apparently have a very strict selection process, which is how they keep their stalls so upmarket ;)