Thursday, November 17, 2011

finished for the year!

YES!  A quick blog post to celebrate the fact that I have just finished Year 2 of The Diploma Of Tapestry!

I finished my last drawing assignment yesterday ... and last night I celebrated by starting the Peacock needlepoint clutch kit that I bought to stitch for Anita's birthday.

And I've just remembered why I started designing my own cross stitch designs:  I hate printed canvases, I hate tent stitch ... and I hate the wool that comes with these kits - it's already a tangled mess, and I've only just started!  Ah well, it's a beautiful design, and will look gorgeous when it's finished ;)

Proper blog entry with pictures soon!  xxoo


  1. congratulations on finishing 2nd year of TAFE, it's a long haul.

  2. Thanks! It only feels like a long haul when I'm doing things I don't enjoy ... DRAWING, for instance, haaha!

  3. Congrats! Enjoy the creating and I'm looking forward to seeing a picture when it's finished! ;o)

  4. Thanks Yaga! Will post a pic soon of what I'm working on at the moment ;)