Thursday, November 3, 2011

Needlepoint Clutch Bags

Wow!  Have you seen what my fellow needlepoint designer Felicity Hall has created?  Gorgeous needlepoint clutch bags! 

I have just ordered the peacock clutch to stitch for Anita's birthday in February, since she LOVES peacock feathers ... and it's not something I would design myself ;)  I am inspired though, to design my own - I first saw the idea in the book 'Adventures In Needlework' by Jessica Aldred & Emily Peacock.

So ... I've just ordered a clutch purse frame, and will start stitching over the end-of-year break - I've promised myself I must finish my last 2 assignments before doing any more fun stuff!  I think I'll start with a simple design - hot pink with lots of black bats (reminiscent of my website logo)!

The possibilities are endless ... skulls, spiders, leopard print - in colours to match every outfit!


  1. oh my goodness...these are gorgey!!! Thumbs up X 2 for giving it a go!! That would take me 20 yrs to do for sure!!

  2. I'm just over half way through ... and looking forward to designing my own! I'm an obsessive stitcher ;)