Sunday, December 4, 2011

feeling a bit cocky ...

Haw haw ... bad joke, sorry!

This is the progress of the Peacock Clutch designed by Felicity Hall.  It's looking gorgeous so far ... but it's not very friendly to stitch.  As I've mentioned, I hate printed canvas, since the print is never exact, and you have to guess where the stitch is supposed to go.  I also feel the wool is too thick for the gauge of canvas.  Ah well, it's good for a change ... though I'm *itching* to start designing my own clutch ;)  The metallic thread running through gives the design a real 'kick'.

Oh, and here's what Charlie thinks of it ... this was just after I had sewn the canvas to my frame:

Hrrmmmm .... cat hair on bag is just a bonus!

I've googled, but I haven't been able to find anyone online who has completed this kit, or who has made a needlepointed clutch - this is a pity, as I was hoping to get some making-up and finishing-off tips!  Luckily, Anita's mum Brigitte is a sewing whizz ... so I may need her help ;)

Next on my stitchy list is finishing off the 'Red' kit, and starting a clutch for myself.  Then I'm going to investigate making smaller coin purses to see how easy they are, and how long they take to stitch.  I'd love to sell these ready-made on my Etsy store

My other little project at the moment is a new radio show on Cathedral 13.  It's called 'Cannibal Roses', and will be monthly starting Saturday December 3, playing mainly Coldwave and Dark Post-Punk.  I hope listeners like it!

Oh, and here's a couple of pics of Anita and I before we went to my work dinner:

Right - I'm off to do more stitching!


  1. Anita is very much the Goth Princess to my eyes tho you probably have different term for her style. i only know one word. She looks lovely. And your gear is very dramatic also, i hope you had a good evening.

  2. She does! And yes, it was a very nice night - I'm pretty lucky with the company I work for ;)

  3. What a lovely couple you are! That embroderie is so nice. I know it's difficult to stich with wool yarn on canvas.

  4. Aw, thank you!

    I'm just finding that the Appleton wool is a bit thick for 14 count canvas. Usually I use Australian Tapestry Workshop wool doubled over on 10 count canvas, which is perfect!

  5. Congratulations on finishing the year of study and then going on to do more! I saw a book in the library today that made me think of you - Love Kills Slowly. I think that was the name, it had skulls in cross stitch patterns.
    Have a good break, hope the weather doesn't get too hot for you.

  6. Thanks Mary - hopefully I'll survive the next 4 years of tapestry study!!

    Yep, I've seen that book - it's from the corporation Ed Hardy - I did have a peek, but it's pretty mainstream ;)

    I hope you get a break too! I'm so looking forward to sitting down and STITCHING!