Monday, December 26, 2011

stitching and stitching

I don't celebrate the Christ-Mass, but I DO love this time of year because I have a couple of weeks off - yippee!

I finished the Felicity Hall Peacock Clutch - being tent stitch, it has warped a bit, so may need some blocking. I'll have to get the Sewing Master (ie Anita's mum Brigitte) to help me make it up into a clutch.

Although I'm itching to start my own clutch, I've promised myself I'd finish my 'Red' cross stitch kit first. This picture gives you an insight into my chaotic way of designing ... scribbling all over the canvas with texta, then drawing into a graph afterwards to create a pattern for the kit.

OK, after this short computer break, it's back to stitching!

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