Monday, January 30, 2012

day one ..

OK, I started SureSlim today! Funny thing is, I've actually lost 2kg from when I signed up to the programme ??! I've only changed a couple of things, but it must have made a difference: no snacks between meals, and I've made healthier choices. Oh, except for the Eggs Benedict I had for brekkie Sunday morning, heh heh! :P

Anyway, the diet is pretty strict - without going into too many details (since it's my personalised programme), basically it's all about whole and mainly unprocessed foods, having one protein per meal along with specified vegies, 5 hour breaks between meals (which means no snacking), and only water and green tea between meals. Since I only have 10kg to lose, I'm making a couple of changes that I can live with - having my morning soy latte twice a week, and maybe a glass of wine a couple of nights a week. I can live with the slower weight loss if I can have those things ;)

So Blogworld, I'm confessing that last night after dinner I was 64.7kg (I prefer to weigh myself at my heaviest time of day). My goal weight is 55kg - bear in mind that I'm only 160cm in height (5'2") ;)

My aim is to re-learn healthy eating habits. Anita is very slim, and I watch her eating - she finishes when she's full, and she naturally chooses healthier foods than I would. Her approach to food is completely different to mine, and that's reflected in our figure types.

So, onwards and ... er ... downwards! And here's to fitting back into all my clothes again - yipppeeee!!


  1. haha, this is amazingly similar to my story... i'm not following a programme, but i was also 65kg when i started eating healthier, trying to learn not to snack too much and cutting out on sugar and processed food. luckily, i love love love veggies ^^ my goal is 55kg as well. i lost the first 5 pretty easily with these healthy changes but now i really need to get into regular training 'cause i'm plateauing... wishing you luck and perseverance! :o)

  2. Wow, that is VERY similar to my story! Yes, I was reading your experience with giving up sugar with interest - congratulations on your perseverance, well done! :)