Wednesday, January 18, 2012

fitter and healthier for 2012

Yes - that's the plan!

I hesitated before posting about this ... it's pretty embarrassing admitting that one's weight has crept up a bit - but there, I've done it! I always decide things spur-of-the-moment, because I'm very impulsive - and yesterday I decided that I needed a bit of help in the weight management department. So just after I started thinking about it, I signed up to SureSlim.

About a million years ago (well, more like 15), I went on Weight Watchers and lost about 20kg. Again, decided one night that I had to lose weight, and went to a meeting the next day ;) I've kept it off pretty well, but in the last year the 'love fat' has been creeping on. I've started exercising, and Anita has been controlling my portion sizes (she's the chef in the family) - but I think I need a bit of an extra push (and some accountability).

So, Blog World - I am hereby declaring that I will be losing 10kg! Not sure how long it will take, and that doesn't matter ... I just want to learn what's best for my body. We didn't even have scales, so had to quickly buy some last night!

SureSlim mainly involves whole, unprocessed foods - no diet shakes or meal replacements, just healthy eating. I have to get a blood test done tomorrow, then will be starting my programme next week. An intensive 6 week programme follows - hopefully I don't have to give up my morning soy lattes!! :P


  1. I joined let professeur boutiques bat fit challenge. I know what works best for me low carb and exercise. But I gained so much weight on a few years so I have to do something. It would be nice to read some Health tips you are using and how it works for you. Good luck with your new goal.

  2. good to blog about it and then you've made a commitment in public.

  3. Yes Maria, I'll post updates and tips as I go!

    Kaite, that's the reason I ended up posting about it, heh heh! That and the fact that I like reading about other people's health goals, so I thought it was only fair that I shared my own ;)