Saturday, January 28, 2012

weirdness ... but in a good way!

Such a strange day today ... I went to my local needlework shop - err, the *only* needlework shop in Adelaide, that is! - to drop in my Red Over Red needlepoint to be made up into a cushion. Well, the shop has been bought by someone else, and after a 'WOW!' upon looking at my needlepoint, she ended up making an appointment for me to bring some of my kits in next Saturday!! :O

I'll keep you posted ... but wouldn't it be nice if they sold some of my kits at their shop? It's definitely a 'granny' sort of shop, but I think that they are trying to make it more contemporary, which is so awesome!

Oh, and I received my SureSlim programme today too, so I'll be starting Monday. Have a bit of menu planning to do first, as well as source the *massive* amount of seeds I have to consume every day (6 tablespoons!!). It's very much a healthy eating plan rather than a diet - I'll keep you all posted! ;)


  1. eeewh, that's so cool, congrats! it must be an awesome feeling to get such a response for your work!

  2. Thanks Yaga! Yeah, there are now 10 kits sitting in Cottage Crafts right now, as well as a couple of my cushions on display in the window! :)