Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What Is Goth?

I've been reading a few blogs here and there, arguing about what is goth, and what isn't. I will admit right now that yes, I AM a goth snob! I have a pretty good excuse though, being a goth/darkwave/deathrock radio dj - if I thought everything was goth, then the show would be pretty crap :P

My personal opinion - for anyone who cares - is that 'goth' is about the MUSIC!! I don't care how you dress, or what label you put on yourself ... but the music is the most important thing. Sometimes, the most 'goth' people are the ones that don't go around telling everyone they are :P

Every now and then I'll post some 'proper' goth music, just in case anyone reading this is wondering what it is ;)

Here's one of my no. 1 goth tracks ... even though Screams For Tina is sometimes considered 'Californian Deathrock', for me that strong bass line and deep voice is what goth music is all about. Please feel free to argue with me (even Anita and I sometimes disagree about 'what is goth', heh heh) ;)


  1. Personally I get kind of annoyed at "snobs"(its really annoying when they get mad at me for listening to bands like the birthday massacre,even though I admit they are not goth.),but I see were you're coming from.Sometimes a little bit of snobbery is necessary.

    I agree with you about music being the blood in the veins of goth,in my opinion you can dress like kim karadstion(Ugh,I spelled that wrong) and still be "goth".

    PS.Screams For Tina FTW..

  2. Don't get me wrong, I don't care about people listening to music other than goth (that would just be dumb!), but what I don't like is the MISLABELLING of bands as 'goth' ... otherwise how do people know what goth really is? Or people calling themselves 'goth' without listening to any goth music at all - *that's* what I'm snobby about! Bands such as birthday massacre have their own genres, and probably don't want to be associated with goth anyway ;)

    Screams For Tina are awesome ... I was tossing up between this one and 'Eleven Eleven' :)

  3. I see what you mean.(the top artist on the gothic page are just depressing.Seriously,the top artist are like Evanescence,Emilie Autumn,and the birthday massacre.People are so misinformed its sad )

    I kind of recently got into Screams for tina.In fact,I'm pretty sure they popped up in my recommendations 'bout two weeks ago.But I already love them.

  4. I'm very glad for your post. I was a goth in the end of the 80's when I was a young teenager. As an adult I started to listen to my old favourite bands again and have search for new goth music and just turned confused. Music with "goth label" is so scattered now, I can't recognize it as goth. So after reading your post I feel calm again, I'm not stupid (they are).
    I've even seen the popstar Kerli been labelled goth :(

  5. Aww, thanks Maria! I'll post some goth music from different eras so you can see the progression. There *are* goth bands around now (ie Angels Of Liberty from the UK), but these days there are more Deathrock bands rather than goth.

    That's why I ended up doing a separate radio show (Cannibal Roses) - because we were being sent a lot of music that wasn't really goth enough for Shadowplay, but still cool ;)