Sunday, February 19, 2012

back from robe!

Sorry about the jam-packed post, but I've been away for a few days and have only just managed to collate a few pics and get my thoughts together!

Robe is one of the most gorgeous towns in South Australia (well, I say 'one of the most' because I haven't physically visited each one ... though I bet it *is* the most!). This is our third visit, and second stay at Lakes Edge Robe, a gorgeous holiday house right on Lake Fellmongery.

I brought my study books for the year and went through them .. the new deck was the perfect location to do so!

Beachport - yes the ocean really *was* that colour!

Lily @ Beachport:

Lake Fellmongery -view from the back garden of Lakes Edge Robe:
The deck at the back of the house has been extended since our last visit - gorgeous!

We didn't have time to see the Bat Caves at Naracoorte, but we *did* have a coffee with a very cool bikkie ;)

And one of me trying to needlepoint without my frame stand ... balancing between a sofa and two chairs inside the house ... awkward much?  (FYI, the bats are finished ... pic soon!)

Even though I'm still on SureSlim, I made sure I still ate healthy foods ... the only exceptions were one soy latte from Mahalia Coffee, a couple of glasses of wine, two slices of bacon with my breakfast at Robe Providore, and some delicious salt & pepper squid from Wild Mulberry Cafe! Robe is definitely a foodie's delight ;)

Luckily, I didn't put on weight, but remained pretty much the same ... weight loss to date is 3.9kg!

All in all, a very relaxing few days away - we can't wait to return in winter!

While in Robe, I read through my study books for the year - a lot of work but I feel more in control when I'm organised. The first assignment is definitely a challenge - here's how much I've done so far (it's interpreting paintings using tapestry) - a cute little Miro 'alien':

Tapestry weaving, although making more sense than it did in my first year, still baffles me! One day I hope that it is as effortless and enjoyable as cross stitch ... you never know!

OK, that's enough for one post - I will do a separate post for my new obsession ... BLOOMERS!


  1. Hi Michelle
    I am also doing 3rd year of Tapestry at SWTAFE and have a blog called Winding Thread, you might have to put in Tim's tapestry as well to find me as it is a new blog. I have just posted my attempt at Miro on my blog and like you I use it as a diary. I am a friend of Marymac and was the person she wrote about with the winder my husband made. She has a link to my blog on her site. It would be good to swap notes and progress about out work.

  2. Glennis, how AWESOME to meet you!! I'm so excited, since I don't know anyone else in my year - will head over and find your blog now :D

  3. Hi Michelle, I am even more admiring of your determination as I notice you don't find it as enjoyable as cross stitch. I like your Miro. I saw Glennis' today and she is going to sew the lines on later. I see you are weaving them as you go. I will be interested to hear your comments and then Glennis' to see which seems easier. We are organising a tapestry group in Melbourne that meets regularly and two new people came today, they are doing the course too. I am looking forward to hearing more about it from all of you. We are lucky to be able to meet and share, it is hard doing education by distance.

  4. Ah Mary, I can be stubborn when I've decided that I want to learn something!

    I haven't woven *all* the lines on the Miro, but just the easier ones, heh heh! I'll go back and sew the rest when I've finished the whole lot - I'll post another update soon ;)