Monday, February 20, 2012

the 'crazy bloomer lady'

Yes, that's me!  Now, dear readers ... I am an EXTREMIST (in case you haven't figured that out :P).  If I find a band I love, I must buy everything they've ever released.  And if I find clothing that I love, I must have a few of them, preferably in different colours ;)

It's been pretty hot in Australia lately, so I wondered whether bloomers would suit me - they're so cool, and would be so practical on weekends whilst stitching and running errands.  So I took a punt, and ordered a pair in stretch black knit fabric from Delightfully Deviant.

And here they are!!

So of course I've had to order another black pair, as well as a red and black striped pair (well, what does one wear when a pair is in the wash?) ;)  Pandora, the fabulously talented girl behind Delightfully Deviant, had never made them in stretch fabric before, and she was very excited at how they turned out! 

After I ordered 2 more pairs (and kinda mentioned that 3 pairs are still not enough), she dubbed me the 'Crazy Bloomer Lady', heh heh ;)  Next pair will be hot pink and black stripes ...

PS - Pandora is also the seamstress behind Anita's fantastic white skirt in THIS entry ;)


  1. Lovely! I haven't worn bloomers but maybe I'll give them a try. I'm sure they're great in the summer time. :)

  2. They are, seriously!! They look great with fishnets ;)

  3. i've been thinking a very long time now to get me a pair. I definitely have to sew some for the summertime.