Thursday, February 2, 2012

day four ...

So, it's Day 4 of my SureSlim programme, and I'm finding it's all OK! The only difficulty is not being able to have my daily coffee and glass of wine - but I'm coping!

Like any programme, once you get the hang of the 'rules', it gets easier from there. Actually, I'm finding that at mealtimes I'm eating MORE! But of course they are healthier choices, and there's no snacking in between meals.

My first weigh in is Monday night ... my only difficulties coming up are a dinner at The Fleurieu Pantry on Saturday night (though the menu is pretty healthy, luckily!), and our trip to Robe next week (for 4 days). That will definitely be a test of how much I've learnt, and how badly I want to fit into those clothes!! Though I don't think a bit of bacon with my poached egg is going to hurt *too* much ... as long as I have a long walk afterwards ;)

Anyone else working on their 2012 goals?


  1. Yes, sigh, I'm trying. Last week I gained 2 pounds. It's definitely my eating habits and I need to exercise more than ever. I have 30 pounds to loose (that I gained in only two years). I think the Sure slim programme sounds wise and healthy, and that it is designed for you.

  2. You'll get there! I'm finding the portion control is the BIG issue for me ;) And thinking of it as a positive lifestyle change instead of the dreaded 'D' word is helpful too!

  3. I was visiting a friend today and she told me that she once made the New Year resolution not to make her bed anymore. That's one I can relate to!
    I don't have a specific one yet, maybe it is to find what direction I want my life to head in this year. One year my resolution was to have no resolutions, then I couldn't be disappointed when I broke them. Think I am still doing that one.
    Good luck with yours.

  4. LOL, that's a good one! Making the bed is overrated ... though my partner disagrees ;)

    Mary, you're so busy with so many things - I'll be interested to see which direction your work takes!