Tuesday, February 21, 2012

into the 80s ... x-mal deutschland

This was the first X-Mal Deutschland song I ever heard, about a million years ago - 'Incubus Succubus II', and my goodness it's a beauty!  A fantastic example of goth in the 80s, from (in my opinion) their best album, Tocsin.


  1. It is so funny that you posted this because I swear this song has been stuck in my head the past few days but I haven't heard it in forever!

  2. Haaha, now you're going to have it in your head for even LONGER!! Or have I exorcised it? :)

  3. I know and like this band since the beginning.
    The album vinyl i have of them is ''FETISCH ''a very good one.
    This song is good,but i find other songs like Mondlicht,Augenblick,Morning,Matador....very good too.
    Do you know some French bands like ''NORMA LOY ''formed in 1982,

    1. I love Norma Loy, and have played them on Shadowplay on numerous occasions! I have Jad Wio and L'Enfance Eternelle on compilations, but only a song or two ;)

  4. Hello Michelle,

    I'm very surprised and glad that you know them.
    L'enfance éternelle was my friends and i was playing guitar with a Punk/Hardcore band in that time,but we split before to play in concert.
    After that i traveled a lot,i was living one year in Stockholm in Suede, where i was playing with Punks Rockers i met, it was just for fun.
    Since the beginning from the 80s i always liked this style of music (Gothique Rock ,Batcave,Cold Wave,Punk Rock,Hardcore/Punk and all Métal bands).
    I have been 18 years in Netherlands (Hollande)and came back to France in 2009.
    I saw a lot of bands in concert and festival.