Friday, March 23, 2012

creative musings

Blogging can sometimes be quite challenging ... sometimes you are inspired to write a million things, and sometimes you just have random thoughts that you'd like to jot down publicly.

So ... sorry if sometimes my posts don't really hang together all that well - I'm a quick-thinker, and usually have lots of things I'm excited about in my head at the same time ;)

Firstly, here's a short video about the brilliant artist Tim Moore - his embroidery work is so fantastic, and I love his attitude about his creativity - it's all about having a laugh, having fun, stuffing around. I found that letting go of the whole ART thing makes ideas come much more easily ;) (Disclaimer: don't watch if you're offended by embroidered dicks :P)


(Tim Moore - 'Hoopy Shoots', embroidery on linen)

I've been thinking about the 'visual language' of my creative work. I feel my cross stitch designs do work together well, and all look like they were created by the same artist. But with tapestry, I haven't been certain what I actually want to do. I think of ideas, then I think 'oh, I can do those in cross stitch'!

While chatting on Facebook, tapestry artist Anton Veenstra encouraged me to combine my cross stitch with tapestry. This has pushed my thinking even further ... suppose I combine cross stitch, tapestry - AND my love of goth music??!

My final assignment for this year is a large 3600cm square tapestry - designing and sampling is due in May, then I have until November to complete the tapestry (as well as the rest of my homework). I've been playing with goth imagery, and anonymous stylised portraits - sort of like a collage. I'd like to use some of my cross stitched leopard print, as well as weaving in bits of ripped fishnet, and attaching badges. I can envisage a whole series of these tapestries, since there are so many ideas and inspiration. Band tshirts could be recycled to be included in the works, patches ... the list is endless!

Anyway ... I still have a couple of other assignments due before I can start with this one - but it's so exciting when a suggestion is made, and it takes you off into a whole other tangent.

Mercury Retrograde has been very positive for me in this way - I have to write down ideas so they don't fly away from me! Through seeing a few 'ghosts' from my past, I have realised that I am the complete opposite of them ... I enjoy change, I enjoy creativity, I enjoy new energy and new points of view. And THAT'S what this blog is about ;)

Has anyone else had any amazing revelations in the past couple of weeks?


  1. It's very interesting to read your thoughts about your final assignment. I hope we can follow your work on it here later! :)

    1. Yes, I'll try to document as much as I can! Sometimes noting things down in public make them more tangible ;)

  2. your ideas on the big one seem enormously exciting - and challenging to execute. please please keep us posted - how about a diary of your design process? would be fun and very interesting to co-learners.


    1. It will be challenging! I'll update as much as time constraints allow :)