Sunday, March 18, 2012

frankie + soy yoghurt ... pretty random ;)

Yep, that *is* random ... but they are the 2 things in my head right now.

Frankie really loves my work bag, and must sit in the handle every time I get home from work:

She's also been scratching her claws on it ... but here's her 'I'm innocent!' face:

Frankie's getting along a *bit* better with Charlie - there has been some nose-kissing, but there's also been some hissing and chasing :S Hopefully it will be sorted out soon - but Charlie's not as angry now about them both being in the same room ;)

Now, for the soy yoghurt! I have been having soy yoghurt as part of my SureSlim programme - I'm lactose intolerant, so have soy alternatives as much as I can. Problem is, soy yoghurt is expensive, and the unflavoured variety is hard to come by. So I googled making my own, since Anita has an EasiYo yoghurt maker. And I found the perfect tutorial!

It turned out quite runny (which is the proper consistency of yoghurt), and it actually tastes better than the store-bought (expensive) variety - so excited! Here's the yoghurt over a chopped-up apple:

And here's a less-appetising pic of what it looks like after all my seeds are mixed in:

Absolutely delicious!


  1. I'm glad that Frankie finally got some screen time. Up to now Charlie has been pretty much hogging the publicity!

    1. Haaha, probably because she's only been living with us for 2 weeks!! You couldn't tell though - she's very comfortable ;)

  2. your cats are too cute!!


    1. They are! Grumpy vs psycho, heh heh! :P