Saturday, March 3, 2012

second panel ...

I'm actually really bad at updating when there are pictures on my camera ... for some reason, uploading them is too much effort! So here's the pic I was going to post:

But as of today, this is actually how much I have done!

The second one is going well ... not sure that it looks all that much like the Picasso painting it was supposed to represent ... but ah well :P

Little Miro man still needs some embroidery to finish him off, but I'll do that after I have finished the rest.

This morning I taught a few kids cross stitch at the Kids Stitching Workshop at Glenelg Library as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival ... a pretty busy day, as we also bought another kitty! But that's a separate post ;)

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a chance to make up my Bats Clutch, as well as finally finishing off Anita's Peacock Clutch. I had a hiccup with the latter - note to self: craft glue is NOT strong enough to stick a metal clasp purse frame to a needlepoint ;) I now have some kick-arse glue, and it's working out much better.

Of course, all that hasn't stopped me from starting a new clutch - this one will be a lot smaller ... like a large coin purse with a pretty chain:

I'm not sure whether I'll do more work on the hand ... I don't want to do too much over-stitching, but I want it to actually look like a skeleton hand!

Oh, and as a PS - lost another 0.8kg (1.76 lbs), so my total weight loss is 6.3kg (13.8 lbs)! Woo hoo! Hopefully next week I'll be under 60kg ;)


  1. Hi Michelle, You have been busy! I like the hand, it looks great. I am also impressed with the weaving. I have seen the cartoon/assignment picture and was grateful that I didn't have to do any of them. They all look tricky. I think the Picasso one looks the hardest.

  2. You're very productive Michelle ...and very talented.
    I know what you mean about uploading photos but please get them up here..I want to see, you're motivating me & giving me something to aim for :)

  3. Aww, thanks girls! Productive? Hmm, that sounds *far* better than 'obsessive compulsive*, heh heh! If only I didn't have to work full time, then I'd be stitching and weaving ALL DAY!!!

    Christine - I'm so glad my pics have motivated you! I would have loved to have seen some pics when I was learning too, so I'll keep that in mind when I can't be bothered posting ;)

  4. Hi Michelle
    You have done a great job with the Picasso one. I plan to do mine this week. Ilove the clutch bag/purse; is it cross stitch?
    Glad you post your work, it's helpful o see other people's work.

  5. I like seeing yours too! I'm just starting the one you just finished ;)

    Yep, the clutch is cross stitch - I use the Australian Tapestry Workshop wool doubled over on 10 count canvas ;)

  6. Hi Michelle
    Well done. I was very excited to hear you had finished the Picasso one but no picture YET. I started mine today, I have spent too much time worrying about colour.

    Glennisntionte ratire

  7. Whoops, I forgot to take a picture! Ah well, my next pic will have to include a row of red-orange double half hitches ;)

    Actually, the Picasso sampler was handy for using up some of the greys we had to dye in Year 1!