Friday, April 6, 2012

'ladies in black' theme - siouxsie sioux

I don't normally follow blog 'theme' posts ... but this time I had to! Elizabeth from Bethezda's Preoccupations has suggested writing about how Siouxsie Sioux has been such a big influence.

Like a million other goths, Siouxsie was my intro into the goth world (even though the Banshees aren't technically a goth band :P)

I first heard them when I was 15, on a cassette called 'Music For Young Moderns' from my local library - I heard 'Spellbound' and was ... well ... spellbound! I went to a secondhand record shop and bought 'Juju', and was hooked. That was the beginning of my vinyl collection.

(I returned the cassette and bought the vinyl)

It's pretty difficult to take pics of records, mainly because of the glossy sleeves ... but here is a (small) selection of some of them ;)

A few pretty 7" singles:

Some random bootlegs, picture discs and Japanese versions of LPs:

And not necessarily a rarity, but 'The Thorn' EP on the left is my favourite - on the right is a pretty tour programme ;)

And lastly, a few signed LPs - unfortunately bought already signed ... I haven't met them personally :( I have a Superstition tour poster that's signed as well (that I must get framed) ;)

Pretty soon after that I discovered Christian Death's 'Only Theatre Of Pain', Bauhaus, Specimen and the Gothic Rock compilations. I learnt a lot in my early 20s listening to Blood & Black Dahlias (which, funny enough, is now Shadowplay). But my favourite band has always remained Siouxsie And The Banshees.

Although I don't actively collect Banshees on vinyl any more, I still play them on both radio shows. In fact, my solo radio show (coldwave/post-punk) is called Cannibal Roses (my favourite Banshees song), and I play a lesser-known Banshees track to open every Cannibal Roses show.

I've only seen the Banshees live once - in 1993 they toured Adelaide, and it was the most amazing concert ever - I admit I was star-struck! I shaved my head especially for the event ... and I haven't gotten around to growing it out, 19 years later ;)

So yeah, Siouxsie Sioux - as well as being the driving force behind Siouxsie And The Banshees, she is also (considering she always says she's NOT a goth) a major goth icon. And even though they're not technically a goth band, they did produce some pretty fantastic goth songs: 'Voodoo Dolly', 'Nightshift', 'Premature Burial', 'Icon', 'Head Cut', 'Red Over White', 'Overground', 'Running Town' ... to name a few! Their style changed so much over the years, it's pretty hard to nail them down to one particular genre anyway.

I'll finish off with some gorgeous pics - cheerio!

Oh, and can I pretty please look as gorgeous as Siouxsie when I'm in my 50s???!! (this is from October 2011 - age 54)


  1. Amazing woman. Iv'e actually never listened to her I have no excuse for that. But her style influenced me a lot when I was in my pre teens, the heavy makeup and the teased hair. :)

    1. Get to it and listen!!! ;)

    2. Oh, and I recommend 'Juju' and 'Hyaena' ;)

  2. I have to remind people that Siouxsie and the Banshees are technically NOT a goth band. But, then again neither is my favorite band, The Cure.
    Thank you for sharing your memories and vinyl collection! Sooooo awesome!

    1. It was fun! Heh, nice to meet a *real* goth who knows the difference between goth and post-punk - YOU ROCK!! ;)

  3. What an awesome post! And all those records/CD's!! There is just something about owning music on a physical "thing" as opposed to it being a digital file. Makes you appreciate and absorb it so much more.
    Excellent post. So glad you participated, you've set the bar pretty high! :)

    1. Aww, thanks sweetie! Actually, your theme really made me think about it - I had been collecting music for so long without giving it much thought. After pulling out my records (to Anita's horror at how many I had!), I realised that I own quite a few rarities and cool bootlegs that I'd forgotten about. CDs are easier to play these days, but my vinyl collection is still more impressive ;)

      Even though I get sent a lot of mp3s by bands for the radio shows, I still prefer having a physical thing too ;)

  4. Hello Michelle,
    I like your vinyl collection from Siouxsie And The Banshees very much and this EP The Thorn is my favourite too,I was looking for but I've never find it here.
    I have a double collored vinyl in live from her ''Bisquit Garden ''one is blue and the other purple.
    I live in south from France and i have a Music blog.
    You live in a beautiful country and it was my dream to go there in holiday.

    1. Ooo, some nice pics of Siouxsie on your blog! :)
      And that double coloured vinyl sounds yummy!

      Do you have the CD collection 'Downside Up'? It has The Thorn included, which is perfect for my radio shows (I haven't got the equipment to rip vinyl to mp3 as yet).

  5. Thank you for coming to my blog,and if you want , you can post a few comment.
    In my blog you can visit a rubric ,this call ''Ma collection de vinyl'',where you can find many other bands.(colored ,picture,limited edition).
    I like your picture discs and Japanese versions of LPs very much ,and it must be difficult for me to find that one here.
    I don't have the CD collection 'Downside Up'and the same like you I haven't got the equipment to rip vinyl to mp3.

    1. 'Downside Up' is a 4-CD set collection of all the B-sides on 3 discs, and The Thorn on the other one - it's AWESOME!!

  6. I have vinyl envy. Quite a collection.

    1. Haaha, well it *was* collected over many years and many record fairs ;)